Our History
ESI (Efficiency Scientific Instrument Co.,Ltd) was founded in 2010 to produce the high voltage x-ray power supply. From 2012, ESI started to develop and manufacture the X-ray tubes and DPP(Digital Pulse Processor). In 2019, ESI was merged with Htek instrument, which is a high technology company and a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art x-ray fluorescence spectrometer.
Today,With combined technological experience and advantages accumulated in both companies over the past years , ESI is a worldwide market producer of advanced x-ray fluorescence system for complete solutions in elemental analysis with thousands of machines installed and operative all over the world. Every year high percentage of its revenue is invested in R&D with the aim to improve the analysis performance
Our Factory
ESI is a SIP (Suzhou industry park, China) based company specialized in XRF(x-ray fluorescence) instrument for non-destructive material analysis, coating thickness measurement and material testing. Our mission is to provide the rugged user friendly xrf analytical system to meet with the most difficult element analytical needs.
Our Product
Bench-top XRF spectrometer
Handheld XRF Analyzer
Portable XRF Sulfur in oil Analyzer
On-line XRF Element Analyzer
XRF Gold Tester
XRF Coating Thickness Analyzer
Product Application
The ESI XRF spectrometer can be widely used in the application fields:
- Alloy/scrap metal analysis. Extinguish different type of stainless steel of 304/316/321 by analyzing the metal content in the sample within 3 seconds.
- Sulfur/metals in oil/lubricant complying with ASTM-D4294(EDXRF), ASTM-D7039(WDXRF), ASTM-D2622(WDXRF), ASTM-D5453(UVF), ISO 8754(EDXRF)
- Jewelry/ precious metal. Identify the karat of the gold (9k, 14k, 18k, 22k etc.) sample in one second
- RoHs compliance (Cr, Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, As, Se, Sb, Bi). Fast screen the 8 heavy metals restricted by XRF spectrometer within 2 minutes per sample.
- Mineral and mining. Copper and gold mining exploration by bringing the handheld XRF to test the Cu and Au content in the field.
-Soil heavy metal pollution measurement.
-Coating/ Plating thickness measurement- Non-destructive XRF analysis of both coating thickness and coating material concentration analysis
At the same time, ESI xrf element analyzer are also popular in the industries cement, clinker and cement materials, chemistry, cosmetics, education and scientific research, environment pollution, food and food ingredient, forensics and conservation, plastic and rubber, process control, car and catalyst, semiconductors and etc.
Our Certificate
Radiation Report, Software Copyright
Production Market
Over the past years, ESI have sold more than 50 countries. Our global distributor networks are covering Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and South America.
Our Service
Highest quality in our products and service is a core value of ESI. Customer service is an extension of our commitment to provide you with exactly what you need, wherever and whenever you need it. Whenever you reach to us, ESI will respond and reply to your questions quickly whether is about a new instrument, an analytical idea, an application or a service matter. Our global networks of technical expert, distributors and partners are always there to answer your questions, understand your analytical challenges and provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.
ESI offers a full range of technical support to keep you up and running.
>Telephone help-desks
For a fast response to your problem.
>Remote diagnostics
In-depth support over the internet.
>Preventive maintenance
Ensures your analyser produces the right result year after year
>Consumables and accessories
From sample preparation to calibration standards.Gold XRF Testing Machine factory

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