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Product Features:
(1) The machine body structure adopt cast iron, the rigidity is good, not easy to be deformed, to make sure the machine鈥檚 stability.
(2) Well compatibility: compatible for software CAD/CAM, such as type3 /artcam / JDPaint etc.
(3) Heavy loading, non-deformation, adopting imported double nut screw to ensure the engraving speed. Adopting Taiwan鈥檚 high-precision square linear guide, effectively imported the precision of carving.
(4) Adopt high-speed water cooling motor with invariably power, big torque,strong cutting, high-frequency and long-life.
(5) Available for continuous work for a long time.
Product parameter
X,Y,Z working area600*900*200mm
Machine frameCast iron
Spindle power2.2 KW water cooling (3.0kw optional)
X,Y,Z traveling positioning accuracy0.015mm
Machine tableVacuum table
X,Y,Z railHIWIN linear guide rail
X,Y,Z transmissionHigh precision ball screw transmission
Spindle speed0-24000 rpm
Drive motorsLeadshine stepper motor and driver
Control systemDSP (Mach 3 optional)
Command LanguageG code
Computer interfaceEthernet or USB
VoltageAC 220V/50-60Hz or AC 110V/50-60Hz
Product application
Wood furniture industry: Doors, cabinets, tables, chairs, wave plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.
Advertising industry:Signage, logo, badges, display board, meeting sign board, billboard advertising filed, sign making, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
Die industry: Sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, and other non-metallic mold.
Artwork and decoration:Wood crafts, gift box, jewelry box
Product details
(1) Rotary axis, could mark on round material
(2) DSP control system
RichAuto DSP control system support XYZ driver, spindle inverter processing error alarm prompt function.Large storage space, strong compatibility with U disk, fast reading speed and more reliable U disk processing, With parameter backup and recovery functions, effectively preventing important parameter loss.
(2)2.2 KW water cooling spindle
3 axis cnc router comes standard with 2.2kw water cooling spindle, high precision chuck nut , high quality body material. Fully programmable speeds from 6000-24000 RPM
(3)X Y Z axis TBI ball screw transmission and HIWIN square rail
The HIWIN square rail is with higher stability and rigidity, which makes the gantry moving and spindle moving at high speed with high precision. And TBI ball screw with high quality , makes it high precision.
(4) Tool sensor
Tool sensor allows for easy and accurate 鈥淶鈥?zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program.
(5) Oil lubrication system
The machine comes the whole lubrication system to make sure all the transmission system will be well lubricated, which will make the machine service life longer.
(6) Vacuum table
4 axis wood cnc router has 1 inch thick phenolic vacuum table surface mounted onto the steel base frame, keeping a rigid and consistent platform for your sheets and parts to be supported.
(7) Vacuum pump
The use of special blade design, the blade manufacturing accuracy is high, wear resistance, high wind, long service life
Packing & Shipping
Step1: pack the machine with plastic wrap for cleaning and damp proofing
Step2: Put the machine in the plywood case for safety
Step3: transport the machine into the container
Our company
      Jinan Precision CNC Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of laser machine and CNC machine. We specialize in manufacturing CNC routers, laser engraving/cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser welding machines and laser marking machines. Our products are widely used in various industries such as arts and crafts processing, advertising, clothing, model- and printed-hectograph making, jewelries, auto parts, packing materials, woodworking and stone working.
    We have established several branches and agents throughout our country. Our products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, West Europe and Southeast Asia. We have obtained CE and FDA certifications. And each machine will be tested before launching to keep absolute safety. We will offer two-years guarantee for the machines. Because of the advanced management and strict rules of the production, there is zero complaint from our customers, and we will continue to consummate our team.
    High quality is our eternal pursuit. "Customer first, Credibility first" is our consistent pursuit with supreme faith. We have a complete service network and a top-grade service team. Our service ways and means are Omni-directional, multi-level and high-efficiency, which guarantee the effective and reliable responses to customers in the shortest time.
Precision CNC has been providing key technology and pertinent integrated solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories, helping enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing, making intelligent manufacturing to change our work within touch.Hobby Cnc Router price

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