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1.Product introduction
鈼?Max 160 amps provides the ability to weld over 0.8 mm plate
鈼?MMA function ensures the power to weld 3.2 electrodes
鈼?Multi-function: gasless flux core, gas solid wire and MMA process
鈼?Perfect match for 1.0mm flux core wire, 0.8mm solid wire and 3.2mm electrode
2.Product Parameter
Input Power220V(卤10%)/1Ph/50HZ/60HZWire diameter (mm)0.8/1.0
Rated input current (A)33Insulation gradeF
Rated Output Current /Voltage/Duty Cycle30-160A/25V/30%Housing protection gradeIP21S
Power factor鈮?.73Applicable thickness (mm)Over 0.8
Efficiency (%)鈮?0Output cable (mm2)Over 12
Wire feed speed (m / min)2-13Net Weight (kg)5.5
Post flow time(S)1.0卤0.5Dimensions H脳W脳D (mm)344 x 159 x 2677
3.Product Feature And Application
TOP Feature
鈼?Reliability - Flexibility
鈼?DC MIG 160 amp synergic inverter welder with MCU synergic control technology, getting you free from parameter adusting trouble, auto adaptive
鈼?Free from cylinder which is very convenient for outdoor metal work
鈼?Multi function with gas mig welding and gasless mig welding and mma
鈼?smart and compact mig welder-King model for your DIY work
Application Fields
鈼?Power Construction site
鈼?Chemical and oil and gas construction
鈼?Heavy steel structure production and installation
鈼?Other general Application
4.Product Detail
Function description
1Current adjustment knob8Negative output
2ARC/Solid wire/Flux-core switch button9Positive output
3ARC/Solid wire/Flux-core indicator10Power switch
4Wire checking function button11Input power line
5Wire checking indicator12Grounding bolt
6Ammeter13Air intake
7Gas and electricity integrated socket14AC 36V Gas meter supply
Accessory Drawing
MIG Torch
Electrode holder with cable
Earth clamp with cable
Connector assembly way
Internal hexagonal wrench
5.Product qualification
We are proud to say that Punair is the first Chinese company to develop small flux core welding machine. Years of research and development and optimization have given us a great advantage on this machine.
Our set of digital and synergy MIG mix has multiple functions of GAS(GMAW), GASLESS(FCAW), SMAW(MMA)and LIFT TIG.Perfect fit for diverse welding applications well recognized by it's long standing and durability.
It successfuly adapts smart MCU control system with auto adaptive wire feeding speed and auto-matched welding current VS voltage, which means that you don't need to have rich knowledge on wire feeding speed VS welding current and welding current VS welding voltage, its wire feeding speed can automatically be adjusted based on your welding current and distance between your gun and workpiece, also the welding voltage would automatically be adjusted based on the welding current. It is a syngergic function.
Furthermore, it also supports a fine tune function to let it perfectly match with your operation habits. On tope of that, these products are 3 in 1 design, with the multi-function of gas MIG/MAG function and gasless MIG/MAG function, these features could greatly throw away the troubles of carrying the gas cyclinder from one to another place for the outdoor MIG operation, and even to assure a good welding experience for the welding operators in the need of carrying welding job in the windy envirnments or situation; and plus with the extra functions of MMA and lift TIG to expand its application fields, which can largely cut down users's costs
Q: What's the advantage of FCAW ?
A: Our DC MIG 160 amp synergic inverter welder is with FCAW also mean gasless MIG, which means you don't need the gas to protect the welding seam and free from the cylinder.
Q: What's the diameter of the wire that suits for this welder?
A: Solid core 0.8MM and flux core 1.0mm .
Q: Does Punair produce flux wire?
A: Yes, we could provide the flux core wire.MIG MAG Welder manufacturers

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