Large folding turnover box
FPB980755 is a plastic recyclable product customized by Orbis for line operation and logistics transportation. Suitable for direct on-line, not only reduce packaging cost, but also greatly improve logistics efficiency. Domestic commonly used truck loading rate reached 98%, container loading rate reached 97%.
The unique structural design, especially the advanced technology at the door, makes the box stronger and more flexible in operation. The bottom can be four-way forks. It is especially suitable for the packaging of small and heavy duty parts.
When fully loaded, it can be stowed safely, and the return ratio after folding is 2.3:1.
Product Features
鈽?Meet the requirements of ergonomics, easy to pick up, suitable for direct on-line
鈽?Unique structure design, load up to 900 kg
鈽?Reduce the risk of damage caused by metal packaging
High dimensional accuracy, fast response speed, high output
According to the container size design, can maximize the use of standard container space
鈽?Have no door, 1 door, 2 door three choice (980 long side door)Plastic Turnover Box

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