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Product Details:
Cold Storage Racking System is a space saving application the forklift can drive in the depth of the storage aisles. Drive-in racking one end is closed and handling only can be done from another side. The goods will be stored and retrieved from the same end, the storage principle is first in last out. This type is suitable for very large quantities of the same product. For cost-effective, high-density storage, drive-in/ drive-through racking is often the best choice for (One SKU) food, beverages, cigarettes and tobacco, cold storage warehouse.
Basic Parts As Below:
Product Parameters:
Item:Cold Storage Racking System
Section:Single row, back-to-back row; multiple row
Standard Size:Custom size
MOQ:Different products can be mixed
Delivery Date:25 Days
Payment:T/T, others
The features of Cold Storage Racking System:
鈼?Very high utility ratio of the warehouse.
鈼?Can first in - first out or first in - last out
鈼?Structural steel construction for durability
鈼?Pallet positions configure from 2 to 5 deep and 2 to 5 high deal for roofing
鈼?Finish: Powder coating and various color be available.
鈼?Suitable for storing few type of goods with large quantity
鈼?Widely used in milk, drink industry, and also be welcomed by cold storage.
Production Flow:
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