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Automatic fire extinguishing tube is composed of a long tube, FK-5-1-12 fire extinguishing agent one-way valve and pressure gauge. This is a simple, low-cost and highly reliable independent automatic fire detection and extinguishing system. This type of fire extinguishing device uses a flexible and bendable tube as a fire detection and fire extinguishing component. At the same time, the tube can also be used as a storage and discharge pipeline for fire extinguishing agents. The flexible tube can be conveniently arranged to the nearest place to each potential fire source. Once a fire occurs, the extinguishing tube will be heated and rupture and lose pressure. The extinguishing agent will pass through the tube at the breach (that is, the part where the fire needs to be extinguished ) Spray fire extinguishing agent to extinguish fire.
Product parameter:
Quantity of extinguishing agent:0.5-1.3KG
Total weight锛?.6 KG-1.5KG
tube material :Poly amide
Size of tube:length 210cm-43cm锛宒iameter 1.8cm
Tube pressure in 20掳C锛?bar.
Tube pressure in 100掳C锛?5bar
1 Control cabinet, electronic equipment cabinet, computer cabinet, relay box and transformer cabinet of the power plant;Cable cross, dense and middle indirect head;
2 transformer and distribution cabinet, meter box, instrument cabinet, elevator control cabinet, cable trough or bridge with slot box, etc.
3 new energy vehicle battery pack, motor bin, instrument panel, engine compartment, electric cabinet of new energy bus, etc.
4 The microwave machine cabinet, decimeter wave machine cabinet, meter wave machine cabinet, transformer and distribution cabinet and UPS cabinet in the broadcasting and television transmitting tower;
5 Program-controlled switch cabinet, machine cabinet, base station, control center and signal transfer point center of communication system;
6 high and low voltage distribution boxes and communication equipment rooms for railways and subways;
7 Ship power room and control communication center;
8 special or important cabinet equipment with relatively closed enclosure in other places;
9 suitable for unattended equipment and places that need to be protected
Data sheet
AgentTypeQuantity of extinguishing agent锛圞G)Pressure 锛圡pa/20掳C锛?/p>Maximum working pressure锛坆ar锛?/p>Protect volume锛坢鲁锛?/p>Maximum length of release pipe (M)
Novec 1230WZ-Q/T-F0.50.50.52012.1
Novec 1230WZ-Q/T-F0.750.750.75201.53
Novec 1230WZ-Q/T-F1.001.001.002024Direct Fire Suppression System price

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